Newcastle based mobile 
Paediatric Physiotherapy service

Therapy sessions are delivered where children live, learn and play

  • Home

  • Clinic

  • Childcare and schools 

  • Community venues

Services that Tiny Tots can provide for you include:
  • Initial consults

Provide assessment of musculoskeletal, posture, gait, function and movement skills.


  • Exercise programs and individual therapy

Provide individualised goal based therapy to improve your childs physical function. We combine play based therapy with current evidence based research to  optimise performance and participation.


  • Education to families and educational settings

Educating and supporting parents/ carers and teaching staff to incorporate strategies into your child’s natural daily schedule.

Your involvement makes all the difference!


  • Equipment prescription

Assess and provide advice and source equipment such as orthotics and walking aids if needed to facilitate and improve function.


  • Day care, preschool and school visits

Assessment, therapy and education can all be provided at the educational setting on request.


  • Hydrotherapy

Provide individualised hydrotherapy program at community pools.

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